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<p>Aerial Photograph</p>

Aerial Photograph

Great memories should be captured on camera and an aerial photograph is a brilliant way to get everyone involved and remember the occasion!

<p>Albums Alive</p>

Albums Alive

Even if you can’t remember the songs, everyone remembers the most creative Album covers! In this activity, teams work together and re-create memorable moments in time… the image that became the face of famous Albums.

<p>Bake A Difference</p>

Bake A Difference

A cooking based team activity with a charitable twist. Whisks at the ready... A professional chef will be on hand to make sure your cupcakes are creative, your soufflé is spectacular and your biscuits are brilliant!

<p>Baked Off</p>

Baked Off

An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to bake the most scrumptious sponge! Which team will be able to handle the pressure and impress the judges to win the ‘Baked-Off’?

<p>Bike A Difference</p>

Bike A Difference

A unique team experience with a socially responsible outcome. Bike A Difference offers something completely different…complete bikes for your local community, charity or a national organisation.



In a blaze of colour and energy the Conductor dramatically enters and takes command of his new colourful orchestra. Everyone has a brightly coloured tuned Boomwhackers, that when struck, produces a note. Building towards a ‘concerto of Philharmonic proportions’, the conductor will mould the group in seconds… have them on their feet and involved from the word ‘go’.



A race a against the clock! Do you and your team have what it takes to complete all of the challengers set in front of you in the allocated time? Your guests will be split into teams and the event shall consist of a variety of both physical, creative and mental challenges.

<p>Calendar Making</p>

Calendar Making

A one day team activity that lasts a whole year! Create your very own calendar and receive a printed reminder of your day and the key business messages. Why not sell copies of your calendar to benefit a charity of your choice?

<p>Celt's Revenge</p>

Celt's Revenge

Imagine if you can, a bunch of medieval Celtic warriors waging civil war with an arsenal consisting of homemade catapults and leftover cabbages. Well, you might have just imagined Celts Revenge.

<p>Circus School </p>

Circus School

Always dreamt of running away to join the Circus? Here’s your chance. Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle.Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle.

<p>Close Quarter Battle</p>

Close Quarter Battle

Paintball Battles - from hostage rescue to search and destroy. The sport of paintball has become recognised as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Paintball demands a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit.

<p>Crazy Knockout Tournament</p>

Crazy Knockout Tournament

Frantic fun, foam filled and full of folly, all encouraged by our crazy MC, teams hurl themselves through an inflatable assault course where only the most dedicated and driven team will be victorious! We’re talking soaking wet sponges, the wackiest of races and the bounciest of inflatables!

<p>Crystal Labyrinth</p>

Crystal Labyrinth

A plethora of challenges stand between your team and the conquering of the Crystal Labyrinth.Guided by our flamboyant host (complete with mouth organ!) and costumed staff, teams will rotate around a number of zones.

<p>Culinary & Cooking Challenges </p>

Culinary & Cooking Challenges

Culinary team building events are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences available. There’s a huge variety of cooking challenges available, from the traditional Bake Off to more inventive cooking challenges such as Foraging & Wild Cooking.

<p>Cycling Events</p>

Cycling Events

It’s claimed cycling is the new golf, certainly time spent with colleague or clients whilst cycling is where deals can be made, ideas generated and relationships forged. Whether building your team or entertaining key clients, we can create a bespoke tour from your offices, or on tried and tested route, in the UK and overseas.

<p>Da Vinci Code</p>

Da Vinci Code

You’re sitting on a park bench, minding your own business and drinking a cappuccino when a tweed jacketed man approaches you. Time to embark on a Da Vinci Code adventure!



Get all your ducks in a row with this unique duck hunting adventure - it's totally quackers!

<p>Escape Room Challenge</p>

Escape Room Challenge

Ever imagined being locked in a room and challenged to break out using nothing but your skills and brainpower? Well, the latest trend in immersive entertainment will help you find out if you've got what it takes.

<p>Farm Baked-Off</p>

Farm Baked-Off

Baked-Off with a twist! First get hands on gathering your ingredients from the Farm, including harvesting seasonal fruit, vegetables, collecting eggs from the hen houses and sausage making. Using these ingredients, teams are challenged to create a ‘Taste of the Farm’, a culinary masterpiece to delight the judges and fellow team mates.

<p>Farm Team Building Activities</p>

Farm Team Building Activities

Get stuck in on the Farm and make a long term difference whilst building your team. Half and full day activities as well as longer term projects can be arranged. The activities are seasonal and many others can be devised.

<p>Film Making</p>

Film Making

It's clapper board at the ready and lights, camera, action as teams battle it out on the big screen. The budding actors will write, produce and star in their own film, made in their chosen style. Whether it's a Tarantino-esque thriller or a Big Brother style reality show, teams will communicate and lateral-think their way to cinematic success.

<p>Graffiti Big Picture</p>

Graffiti Big Picture

This is a message-laden activity where teams produce their own pieces of graffiti art but each piece of artwork must “flow” on from the one before and the one after so that the bigger picture flows around the room reflecting all the key business messages.

<p>Highland Games</p>

Highland Games

Step into the shoes of Rob Roy and William Wallace. Toss the caber and compete in the Haggis Throwing … dressed in kilt and sporran of course.

<p>Human Board Games</p>

Human Board Games

Human board games, that epic moment you become a character in your favourite board game! You can choose different games or challenging board games that you can create the epic moment in your childhood board game.

<p>I'm On A Team Build...Get Me Out Of Here!</p>

I'm On A Team Build...Get Me Out Of Here!

Make your way through the various zones as you take part in the team test based on the TV show 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!'

<p>Ice Sculpting</p>

Ice Sculpting

Put on some gloves, grab a chisel and get creative! An experienced ice sculptor talks small teams through the basic skills required to make their very own cool art.

<p>In Step</p>

In Step

Learn, practice and perfect the most famous dance routine in pop history. Our professional choreographers will take your group through the steps and shapes to become your very own zombie dance troupe. From Michal Jackson’s Thriller to Grease Lighting, we have the tunes to get everyone into the groove.

<p>Laser Clays</p>

Laser Clays

A great way to experience the fun of clay-shooting without the live ammunition. Ideal for people who are slightly nervous about shooting a real gun, or where a venue doesn’t hold a licence for clay pigeon shooting.

<p>Lip Dub, Lip Syncing</p>

Lip Dub, Lip Syncing

Fancy becoming an internet superstar? Then the LipDub challenge is one for you! LipDub is an exciting way of creating a music video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing. It’s made by filming individuals or a group of people lip syncing to a music track and dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song.

<p>Make a Difference Schools & Hospitals</p>

Make a Difference Schools & Hospitals

A team of twenty employees have been busy in the mud designing, digging and planting a garden which now occupies a corner of the school playing field. The school is delighted to benefit from this company’s generosity.

<p>Make a Difference with Rural Care</p>

Make a Difference with Rural Care

For sustainable responsible businesses, a motivational team building event working towards an admirable objective benefiting your people and others, helps to build bonds, strengthen communication skills, and an understanding we can all make a positive difference.

<p>MTA Challenges</p>

MTA Challenges

Multi Training Aids (MTA) can be applied to a huge amount of team based tasks and challenges. Able to be tailored to address any business issues or skill aptitudes, MTA Challenges are superb avenues for the development for teams or individuals.

<p>Orienteering, Bushcraft & Survival </p>

Orienteering, Bushcraft & Survival

How will your team rise to the challenge of surviving in the wilds? Shelter building, foraging, fire lighting and purifying water may not be part of their job descriptions, but solving these challenges together provides a fun and practical way to build the team.

<p>Outdoor Laser Tag</p>

Outdoor Laser Tag

Just like the old school playground game, tag, although modernised with laser guns similar to those of Quasar fame.

<p>Pimp My Pit Stop</p>

Pimp My Pit Stop

This is a dynamic and exciting competitive team building activity, based on the world of Formula One motor racing. Each team must design, pitch an F1 concept, construct and race a man-powered prototype vehicle to victory.

<p>Raft Building </p>

Raft Building

Perfect for team building, with the entire team involved in the exercise of designing and building a raft using logs, barrels, a bit of rope and not much else! Rafts come in all shapes and sizes, and it's only your imagination or creativity. Why not Pimp Your Float with mascots, banners, flags, the choice if endless.



Ideal for groups of 12 people and upwards, the challenge is to create and produce an original song, the promotional pop video and a ‘fly on the wall’ - Rockumentary.

<p>School Sports Day</p>

School Sports Day

Relive the nostalgia of your childhood as we create a School Sports Day for your company! Enjoy the adrenalin rush as you cross the finishing line first! The old favourites are all here, Tug of War, the Egg & Spoon race, the Sack Race and of course the Obstacle Course.

<p>Spy School</p>

Spy School

Using the exciting world of international espionage and the work of Secret Agents as a theme for tailor-made events, we have designed the perfect spy package to fill your day and keep your guests on their toes! How would u like to be called the next bond!

<p>Tablet Trail</p>

Tablet Trail

Tablet Trails require teams to work together to complete challenges communicated through a mobile smartphone or tablet. This challenge is designed to inspire and motivate all individuals within teams providing them with an unforgettable experience.

<p>The Cuboid</p>

The Cuboid

Can your team with-stand the pressure of The Cuboid!? Working in small teams or individuals, players are tasked with seemingly simple challenges against the clock in the Cuboid.

<p>The Italian Job</p>

The Italian Job

Definitely not your everyday treasure trail, but if you love the film, then this is for you! Drive the Minis, follow the leads, be Charlie Crocker and steal back the gold bullion for Mr. Bridger - fail and he will do more than just blow your ‘bloody doors off’.

<p>The Wave</p>

The Wave

Build a wave, or roller coaster, to transport a basket ball in the fastest time possible. Sounds easy doesn't it? The Wave works as a great ice breaker as well as a longer activity to get all participants involved.

<p>World Cup </p>

World Cup

It may not have escaped your notice that between 14th June and 15th July Russia will be the setting for FIFA 2018 World Cup. So if you can’t beat them, join them and theme your event around the football. You don’t have to be soccer mad, but it helps!

<p>Zulu Gumboot Energiser</p>

Zulu Gumboot Energiser

The whole group don their gumboots and stomp their way through a traditional African dance. A fantastic way to energise an audience and a great leveller for all involved!


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