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Food / Drink

<p>Bake A Difference</p>

Bake A Difference

A cooking based team activity with a charitable twist. Whisks at the ready... A professional chef will be on hand to make sure your cupcakes are creative, your soufflé is spectacular and your biscuits are brilliant!

<p>Baked Off</p>

Baked Off

An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to bake the most scrumptious sponge! Which team will be able to handle the pressure and impress the judges to win the ‘Baked-Off’?

<p>Chocolate Factory</p>

Chocolate Factory

Given the option of any job in the world today – how does spending 90 minutes as the boss of your own chocolate factory grab you?

<p>Cocktail Classes</p>

Cocktail Classes

Let the professionals entertain you after dinner with their amazing, spirit swirling skills or take part in your own mixology class!

<p>Culinary & Cooking Challenges </p>

Culinary & Cooking Challenges

Culinary team building events are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences available. There’s a huge variety of cooking challenges available, from the traditional Bake Off to more inventive cooking challenges such as Foraging & Wild Cooking.

<p>Farm Baked-Off</p>

Farm Baked-Off

Baked-Off with a twist! First get hands on gathering your ingredients from the Farm, including harvesting seasonal fruit, vegetables, collecting eggs from the hen houses and sausage making. Using these ingredients, teams are challenged to create a ‘Taste of the Farm’, a culinary masterpiece to delight the judges and fellow team mates.

<p>Farm Team Building Activities</p>

Farm Team Building Activities

Get stuck in on the Farm and make a long term difference whilst building your team. Half and full day activities as well as longer term projects can be arranged. The activities are seasonal and many others can be devised.

<p>Gingerbread House</p>

Gingerbread House

Why wait until Christmas?? Teams go head to head to make the most creative gingerbread winter wonderland for a festive shop display.

<p>Italian Pizza Pasta Challenges</p>

Italian Pizza Pasta Challenges

Master your cooking skills with Italian-inspired pasta and pizza workshops. After being introduced to the event and after a short demonstration by the chef, guests take place at their workstations and get their hands deep in some dough to begin the pasta and pizza making challenge.

<p>Market Cooking Challenge</p>

Market Cooking Challenge

The event commences with Chef briefing the teams - the challenge to create two or three restaurant quality courses, that will need a written menu and be presented to the Chef to judge on taste, presentation, and creative use of ingredients. Each team is given a cash budget to buy produce from the market, all against the clock of course. Teams will need to research their menus to identify the right suppliers in the market.

<p>Street Food</p>

Street Food

Embark on an amazing Street Food journey and cook with our talented, professional chefs as you tour the kitchens with your colleagues. Pick up tips and tricks as you go and enjoy dishes inspired from across the world in an informal dining experience. For the real street food experience visit artisan traders who prepare and sell their food on the street!


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