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An fun event consisting of pre-filmed and live betting rounds - not just any regular game show! Hosted by his royal highness, Emperor Won-Hung-Lo and his troupe of dancing ninjas, Banzai takes a gambling theme and injects a large dose of Japanese surrealism into the proceedings.

<p>Casino Night</p>

Casino Night

Add a touch of glamour and excitement to your event with our casino tables. Perfect for entertaining guests throughout the night!



Teams take the role of fashion designers with a brief to create the freshest look for the season reflecting key corporate messages or event theme. Armed only with basic materials and their collective creativity; the challenge is to prepare one team member for the catwalk, complete with commentary.

<p>Cocktail Classes</p>

Cocktail Classes

Let the professionals entertain you after dinner with their amazing, spirit swirling skills or take part in your own mixology class!

<p>Crime & Dine</p>

Crime & Dine

The ultimate Crime & Dine experience, as guests settle down for dinner a brash young detective strides forward. He announces there has been a murder in a guest room at the hotel, and that for the next hour or so, the guests will all be part of a Crime Scene investigation.

<p>Escape Room Challenge</p>

Escape Room Challenge

Ever imagined being locked in a room and challenged to break out using nothing but your skills and brainpower? Well, the latest trend in immersive entertainment will help you find out if you've got what it takes.

<p>Human Bingo</p>

Human Bingo

Discover details, both personal and professional, about colleagues in a frenzy of information gathering. A perfect way to open up conversation and offer a brief glimpse of the person behind the name badge!

<p>Lip Dub, Lip Syncing</p>

Lip Dub, Lip Syncing

Fancy becoming an internet superstar? Then the LipDub challenge is one for you! LipDub is an exciting way of creating a music video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing. It’s made by filming individuals or a group of people lip syncing to a music track and dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song.

<p>Night at the Races</p>

Night at the Races

A wallet-testing evening of thrills, oil spills and risk taking. Don’t worry though – you’ll be playing with someone else’s money! Have a flutter on the gee-gees, race your own mini McLaren for cash or bet on the groovy moves of a pig.

<p>Pub Games</p>

Pub Games

A Pub Games Evening offers a range of fun traditional and contemporary games. In teams or individually, competitions can be arranged in all activities (there are many to choose from); with an amount fun money or points awarded to winning participants.

<p>Speed Networking</p>

Speed Networking

Get to know your colleagues, their backgrounds, ambitions and how they may be able to help you – all within a few minutes. The secret is to prepare questions well to maximise each ‘brief encounter’!

<p>Strictly Come Prancing</p>

Strictly Come Prancing

A team challenge full of style and panache, recreating television’s “Strictly Come Dancing”.Get your dancing shoes on and Jive, Samba or Foxtrot your way to wowing the judges as well as your colleagues in this team event.

<p>The Cuboid</p>

The Cuboid

Can your team with-stand the pressure of The Cuboid!? Working in small teams or individuals, players are tasked with seemingly simple challenges against the clock in the Cuboid.


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