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<p>Bake A Difference</p>

Bake A Difference

A cooking based team activity with a charitable twist. Whisks at the ready... A professional chef will be on hand to make sure your cupcakes are creative, your soufflé is spectacular and your biscuits are brilliant!

<p>Baked Off</p>

Baked Off

An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to bake the most scrumptious sponge! Which team will be able to handle the pressure and impress the judges to win the ‘Baked-Off’?

<p>Bike A Difference</p>

Bike A Difference

A unique team experience with a socially responsible outcome. Bike A Difference offers something completely different…complete bikes for your local community, charity or a national organisation.

<p>Calendar Making</p>

Calendar Making

A one day team activity that lasts a whole year! Create your very own calendar and receive a printed reminder of your day and the key business messages. Why not sell copies of your calendar to benefit a charity of your choice?

<p>Chocolate Factory</p>

Chocolate Factory

Given the option of any job in the world today – how does spending 90 minutes as the boss of your own chocolate factory grab you?

<p>Farm Team Building Activities</p>

Farm Team Building Activities

Get stuck in on the Farm and make a long term difference whilst building your team. Half and full day activities as well as longer term projects can be arranged. The activities are seasonal and many others can be devised.

<p>Make a Difference Schools & Hospitals</p>

Make a Difference Schools & Hospitals

A team of twenty employees have been busy in the mud designing, digging and planting a garden which now occupies a corner of the school playing field. The school is delighted to benefit from this company’s generosity.

<p>Night at the Races</p>

Night at the Races

A wallet-testing evening of thrills, oil spills and risk taking. Don’t worry though – you’ll be playing with someone else’s money! Have a flutter on the gee-gees, race your own mini McLaren for cash or bet on the groovy moves of a pig.


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