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<p>Bridging The Gap</p>

Bridging The Gap

The challenge is simple, to deliver a product to a customer. Of course the reality is never as simple as it first appears.

<p>Business Family Fortunes</p>

Business Family Fortunes

We asked 100 people… Taking its lead from the classic 80s TV game show, we present Business Family Fortunes; an interactive panel show event, providing between thirty minutes and an hour of cheesy game show fun.

<p>Dragons' Apprentice</p>

Dragons' Apprentice

An unholy marriage of TVs 'Dragons' Den' and 'The Apprentice' pits teams head-to-head, to ensure only the fittest survives.

<p>Global Enterprises</p>

Global Enterprises

Enter the parallel universe of Global Enterprises, a larger than life caricature of the business world. Experience eight years of changing information, decision-making and managing expectation, running a company over two to three hours.

<p>Leaders on Trail</p>

Leaders on Trail

Just what is it that makes a great leader? Who were truly the greatest leaders in history? As legal teams you must prepare a case for or against famous leaders and take the stand in this intense courtroom drama.


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